Where to luxury vacation in the Mediterranean? Try the most photographed island of Santorini


Own whirlpool, panoramic view of the volcano and heart to the beach with black sand. Tips on some of the exotic Pacific Islands? Wrong! We are much closer. Volcanic island of Santorini is the most photographed not only, but also luxurious and quite possibly the most beautiful destinations in Greece as well as evidence that in Europe it is possible to spend your holiday without compromise.

Many dubbed him "a little paradise" and its blue-white architecture is so typical that it knows and the one whos never been here. "The island of Santorini is located in the Cyclades archipelago and is relatively small, has an area of only 83 square kilometers," explains reportedly the most beautiful Greek island traveler.

Where to luxury vacation in the Mediterranean? Try the most photographed island of Santorini

Luxury European-style
Holidays here are not the cheapest, but sometimes even meet the Czechs who have decided to demolish the convention and exchanged distant luxury and exotic destinations as near Greece, although still at least the same level of luxury. Proof of this is the local Imerovigli resort located just two kilometers from the capital. Hotels are built into the rocks, de facto into volcanic caldera walls.

"Most of the rooms overlook the volcano in the center of the most luxurious and it can take from a private heated jacuzzi on the terrace," describes the facilities of some of them delegate travel agency offers tours in Santorini. The center of town is a few steps away. In typical Greek tavernas, then you can enjoy local wine or something stronger.

The destructive force of nature
The current appearance is strongly influenced by the Santorini eruption, which took place in the 15th century BC. He had ten times more power than the famous eruption of the volcano Krakatoa island and largely wiped out. Therefore, today Santorini consists of several islands and islets that surround the center of the original crater, now hidden under the sea. Some experts even believe that Santorini is just mythical Atlantis.
Resort Imerovigli not the only place where you can go to Santorini. The greatest interest of tourists here enjoying Perissa center are the same adjacent beaches. That covers the black sand mixed with fine pebbles and the north pole above three hundred meters high massif Mesa Vouno. "Negotiate it can be rented on a donkey," advises a waiter at the beach bar. At its peak, then lies one of the most important archaeological sites on the island.

Oia - Greek romance
On the opposite, northeastern coast of the main island resort then Kamari lies. The beach is wide nearly five hundred feet, but it is high season in full, and within the town today hardly know that he suffered in 1956 and almost leveled the massive earthquake. "Renovation was but with feeling and the town has retained a traditional character," he says today, architects and historians.

The same fate had befallen another town. Was razed to the ground such as the romantic village of Oia, which you can find in some of the most romantic places in Europe recitals. Narrow cobbled streets, white houses with blue roofs and contrasting red flowers but the former destruction today resemble in the least. "Only the population now lives less, part of them moved after the earthquake," highlights one of the consequences of a local witness.

The only drawback here is the path to the beach. Running up to her after the steep stairs, and that is one reason why here rather than families with young children meet young couples.

Ships heart volcano
Absolute necessity and obligation is said to Santorini boat trip along the former flooded caldera. The sea here is deep in places up to 400 meters and water act emerging islands of Nea Kameni and Palea Kameni, which creates the bottom of constantly flowing lava. Tourists caldera ring then combine with a visit to another beach Red Beach.

Even the name itself suggests the same time, the beach here is exceptional. Red massif that rises above it, toward the sea and the light was fading and color play that is going to happen, is the reason why dozens of tourists a day here weighs quite a complicated journey by sea or walking from the village of Akrotiri, which used to be one in antiquity of the major centers all over Greece.

"The explosion of the volcano here paradoxically well served when preservation of old buildings," learn from the information materials. "Everything then covered it with a thick layer of ash and tourists so today after undergoing a preserved archaeological site."

Santorini is small size but big impression, which is able to induce in tourists - this is according to the majority of those who have lived the glorious sunset over the caldera.



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