Embark on Kos, the birthplace of Hippocrates, and have a luxury holiday in the wings


Peace and quiet of the tourists on the island of Kos used not only in the "classic" boarding houses and apartments, but also luxury resorts, where the swimming pool dimensions calmly hockey pitch. On the island of Kos in the summer usually arrives to 700,000 tourists. Even so, this island but in sight of the coast of Turkey maintains the original Greek character.

Embark on Kos, the birthplace of Hippocrates, and have a luxury holiday in the wings

Luxus arrived in Greece. While still leads cheaper forms of accommodation, but people who want to spend holidays under the wings of luxury hotels, is increasing. Wellness center, fitness center, swimming pool with an area of two thousand square meters, or perhaps the hotels own chapel - it now belongs in some hotels in Kos to the standard.

But it would be silly to limit a vacation here just the options that surround the walls of the hotel garden. Kos said to belong to all the most beautiful islands of Greece. "This is partly caused by the fact that it is of volcanic origin, part of the" blame "on it also has a rich history of the island and therefore a lot of sites on it," explains Kos delegate travel agency.

Hippocrates Island
About Kos is sometimes referred to as the "Hippocratic island." And not by accident. Was here that the most famous physician of antiquity is born. Kos In the capital, the square Platanou, you can now sit in the so-called Hippokratovým Platanus. "Tourists but always fails when I tell them that old tree is only about 700 years and thus not on the plane tree under which Hippocrates taught, "laughs the guide.

Even so, this tree has a circumference of the stem to five meters, awe-inspiring. The grandeur nor detract from his construction scaffolding which supports its branches. Just a few steps, it is then to Johns fortress which dominates the harbor in the capital. Interestingly another story is then "bar street". Street full of bars, restaurants, taverns and nightclubs. Leave it to the dark here almost equals sin. Parties ends here in the morning.

From fishing villages to modern hotels of
On either side of the capital, then pull off the smaller tourist resorts. To the north is one of the tourist resort of Lambi permanent fixture with a long beach with sand and small pebbles. It is followed by resort Tigaki. Its beach is narrower and said to her more blows. Even so, but among the most local places that are worth to Kos for it.

In the place where now stands the modern resort Mastichari, stood a few years ago only a few simple smaller guest houses, today is where you will find several hotels for the most demanding. You stand on the beach. "The original village is about twenty minutes," describes the form of an employee of one of the resort hotels. She adds that it would be a sin not to taste local wine and nevyrazit the nearby island of Kalymnos.

To the south of the capital
Kos is the length of nearly 112 km. At its narrowest point, then you from coast to coast measured distance only slightly more than two kilometers. And there is another attraction of Kos. Kefalos village shines from afar, or white plastered wall in September its differently colored houses and windows and doors. Above them are the remains of the towers of the former Crusader fortress.

South Kefalo then lies Kamari. The local beach is said here knows anyone who likes šnorchluje. Because the pebble, so will not cloud the water and below it perfectly visible. Just say you need to keep in mind that a large part of the year is always cold.

"Old Kos" inland
Behind the typical atmosphere of Greece is a need to go into the interior of the island, to the villages in the mountains Dikeos at its southern tip. It is sometimes called the local one umbrella title Asfendion. Below him are hidden Asomati village with white houses, Evangelistra with the famous taverns and Zia, where you can see the oldest windmill island.

The path here can be combined with a visit to the thermal springs in Agios FOCAS. Thanks to the volcanic origin of Kos throughout the island, although a lot, but are only accessible to the public this one.



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