Municipal House in Prague is celebrating one hundred years a unique exhibition opening


The Municipal House Republic Square to go to concerts, balls, fashion shows, also for exhibitions, conferences, lectures, as well as a good meal or a drink. Unique Art Nouveau building with wide experience attracts visitors of all ages and focus exactly one hundred years.

On this occasion, in the Municipal House typically held an exhibition entitled "1912". Presents the history of the monument in a broader historical context. Exceptional works of art are exhibited artists who had participated in the decoration. The exhibition runs until 31 January 2013.

Municipal House in Prague is celebrating one hundred years a unique exhibition opening

Before he was here ...
It was the year the 1380th King Wenceslas IV. then came the idea to leave Prague Castle and build a new seat of Czech kings in Prague. Did he succeed.

The Royal Court resided in the years 1383 to 1484 as well as other rulers - his brother Sigismund, as well as Albrecht II. Habsburg, Ladislav Posthumous and George of Podebrady.

When Vladislav Jagiello decided to go back to the Prague Castle. Abandoned extensive seat began to deteriorate. New Hope heyday was in 1631, when Cardinal Ernst Harrach had turned into an object archiepiscopal seminary. A huge fire in 1689 finished the destruction once palatial residence rulers.

Chandeliers theres about five thousand, their glass ornaments have a length of ten kilometers.
Still, the church gave up the place. Built on the same site a new seminar and extending it to church. Adalbert.

In the neighboring gate, which surprisingly survived the fire almost unscathed, was established a gunpowder store. Therefore she still called Powder Tower. In the 18th century, it was converted into a workshop Royal Barracks, then there was a cadet school, but no one cared about the restoration of buildings.

Disputes in the early 20th century
In 1901, aged buildings were gradually demolished and considered what to do with empty space. At that time sent representatives Burgher talks Prague City Council request the status of "good representative buildings in Prague." This was followed by disputes and wrangling since then Prague German unions have argued that it will be a waste of municipal money.

Protest floated by those who feared competition for its restaurants. Theatrical unions again sought to build on this place a second Czech theater. Despite all the difficulties, lack of money and disputes between the artistic and the technical component implementers ultimately 21st August 1905 began architects Antonin Balšánek Osvald Polivka and construction of the Municipal House.

The opening ceremony was held on the 5th ledna 1912th It was equipped with the latest technology of the time, the artistic decorated by leading Czech artists like Šaloun, Ženíšek, Mařatka, Uprka, Mucha, Alex, Švabinský, Myslbek Špillar and many others.

Neither the policy it passed,
Since its inception, the Municipal House served not only as a center of entertainment and commercial use, but was also the place where decisions are made about important events of our nation. Recall that in 1918 it was proclaimed from the balcony of the house independent Czechoslovak Republic.

In 1989, just in this house began negotiations on a direction for our state. Between 26 November and 7 December gradually in red and oriental parlor and candy store Municipal House were three of the nine key negotiations between the delegations of the Civic Forum led by Vaclav Havel and delegations of the last communist government with Prime Minister Ladislav Adamec. Television footage of the meeting had surfed the world.

Look behind the scenes
From 1994 to 1997 the Municipal House finally received extensive reconstruction and deserved, because more than eighty years of continuous operation was to know how the condition, as well as the appearance of the artwork. Repair has become the largest investment project in Prague in 1989 and came to 1.75 billion.

Recall that its size is larger than the Municipal House National Theatre and Rudolfinum. Inside is a 700 room! The decoration consists of almost 40 000 artistic elements, of which about four thousand due to restoration had to be removed. Just chandeliers theres about five thousand. Their glass ornaments have a length of about ten kilometers. Their renewal or a new production at the time the care novoborští glassmakers.

In Smetana Hall was the special care given to, among other things unique Art Nouveau style organ. The hall is equiped with new seats with a special finish to disturb the acoustics of the space. For better comfort and a view of the audience to the stage their number was reduced from thirteen hundred to twelve hundred.

Also, the stage was adjusted to different mobile if necessary. Were newly established conductor suite at the warehouse with hidden window. As it turns out, is a beautiful view of the castle. On the ground floor of a modern information center was established with the sale of tickets, postcards, posters, brochures, etc.

Participated in the restoration of over 200 subcontractors providing specialized trades and labor. In addition to companies in the Czech Republic on some contracts and involved experts and manufacturers in Germany, Belgium, Slovenia, Austria, Italy, Spain and Switzerland.

Municipal House restored from plaster to the latest detail in the spirit of the original design still hungry for even the most modern technical facilities. Can not forget that part of it are three restaurants and cafes. It is worthwhile here to look around and even on ceilings and walls.

Exhibition 1912
The exhibition presents more than one hundred paintings, drawings, prints, sculptures, architectural plans and design objects from more than two dozen artists. It is divided into four thematically linked units, which loosely reflect the four seasons.

On the occasion of the exhibition was published the Municipal House in collaboration with the publisher Arbor vitae book. Its editors - curator Otto M. Urban and Philip Wittlich - chosen form mosaic mapping the year 1912, which was not only the date of opening of the Prague representation house, but also many other revolutionary events.

Director of Municipal House Vlastimil Jezek the exhibition, said: "We have a very short time to get important works from all over the Czech Republic and immensely appreciate it. I hope that this exhibition will offer not only a pleasant visual experience, but also learn more about the Municipal House itself and for us Czechs significant time in which it was built. "



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